Deploy Static Sites via GitHub

Deploy Now offers automated builds and deployments to a shared hosting infrastructure for any static sites, such as Static Site Generation projects, Single Page Applications or plain HTML/CSS websites. They can be set up as a starter project that comes with your Deploy Now plan or as an static project for more storage and staging environments.

Supported frameworks

Deploy Now supports all static sites that can be build with Node.js, Composer, Ruby or any other language supported by GitHub Actions. The following frameworks can be detected automatically to prefill required build dependencies and commands. Please note that we do not provide Node.js runtime environments.

Static Site Generators

Hugo, Gatsby, Gridsome, Docusaurus, Vuepress, Vitepress, NuxtJS (static), NextJS (static), Hexo, Metalsmith, 11ty, UmiJS, Astro, Scully, ElderJS, Middleman, Jekyll, Nanoc, Pelican, mkdocs, Jigsaw and Sculpin

Single Page Applications

Angular, React, Vue, Ionic, Svelte and Ember



Simply connect your repository and follow a guided setup of build dependencies and steps. After the setup, your project gets deployed instantly and will build and deploy on every following git push. You might want to create a new project on the command line, deploy an existing repository or deploy one of our samples for a quickstart.


Build dependencies, commands and environment variables

Build settings can be adapted directly in the configuration files of the GitHub Actions workflow under .github/workflows. Instructions can be found under build configuration.

Domains & TLS

You can connect any kind of custom domain in a few clicks. If you want to connect a domain that you have not purchased at IONOS, you need to switch to the IONOS nameservers first. Each domain is automatically SSL secured.

Redirects, rewrites, HTACCESS

Redirects and rewrites can be managed via .htaccess files. Visit Apache configuration for examples.