GitHub integration

Deploy Now allows you to deploy public or private projects from one GitHub account. This can be either a personal or an organization account, as long as you are the owner of the organization. Setting up a project via Deploy Now automatically generates a GitHub Actions workflow file, that enables instant deployments to IONOS. Just edit, commit and push your local changes and your updates go live. Try staging deployments to preview changes before rolling them out to your production deployment.

UserGitHubGitHub ActionsDeploy Nowedit and commit1push2on push3run .github/workflows/deploy-now.yaml4checkout, build and deploy to IONOSUserGitHubGitHub ActionsDeploy Now

To ensure that the deployment process works correctly you just need to install the IONOS Deploy Now App to your GitHub repository and grant the corresponding rights. The App requires read access to actions and metadata as well as write access to administration, secrets, code and workflows.

UserDeploy NowGitHubFirst login1Authenticate2Grant account permissions3Read access to actions and meta dataRead and write access to administration, code, secrets and workflowsGrant repo access4Select all or at least one repositoryUserDeploy NowGitHub

Deploy Now does not limit the build time you can use to update your web project. However, the build time that can be used in private repositories depends on your personal GitHub plan.