PHP Projects in Deploy Now are equipped with databases. Each production and staging deployment receives one MariaDB.


  • MariaDB version 10
  • 2 GB storage
  • Shared resources
  • Encryption of the connection to the database
  • SSL configured
  • No encryption@rest

Connecting the database to the application

You can maintain configuration files such as .env directly in your repository. For security reasons, database credentials are stores in the GitHub secrets. You can reference them via placeholders such as DB_PASSWORD={{ .runtime.db.password }} and we will automatically inject the correct values during the deployment. We support you with this during the project setup. A complete guide can be found under runtime configuration.


You can access the databases via phpMyAdmin right from your Deploy Now dashboard. Databases are not publicly accessible.


Databases are backed up automatically once per day. Backups are stored for 7 days. If you wish to restore your databases, you can contact our customer support any time.

Staging and Multi Deployments

Each Staging deployment, corresponding to branches other than main, receives its own database. The database get's deleted again once the branch is no longer existing. Currently, we do not copy productive data to a Staging deployment automatically.

Multi deployments are equipped with one database per deployment as well. You can customize different productive deployments by uploading different content to the databases.