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Introduction to Deploy Now

Deploy static websites instantly from GitHub

Welcome to Deploy Now

Deploy Now is a static site hosting platform dedicated to developers. Connect your GitHub account and instantly deploy your static web projects on IONOS own DDoS-protected, georedundant and green infrastructure.


We support classic database-less websites developed with HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript as well as Site Generators like Gatsby, Gridsome, Hugo, Jekyll, Nuxt JS, Metalsmith, Jigsaw, Next.js, Hexo and 11ty. We’ve setup a list of samples for some inspiration or a quickstart into your first project. Once you’ve created a Deploy Now account, you can setup one of them simply by clicking the "Deploy Now" button.

Connect your GitHub account

Before you set up your first deployment, you need to connect your GitHub account. We will ask you for permission to install our GitHub app into your repositories. Our app will take care of the communication between your repository and the web server.

GitHub Connect

Select your deployment source

Deploy Now allows you to select any repository of your account or any public third party repository. Besides you can be inspired by our samples.

Select deployment source

Deploy from own GitHub account

Select the repository you wish to deploy. Note that we can only deploy repositories that you granted us access.

Deployment from own source

Deploy from a third-party repository

You can paste in any kind of GitHub repository URL you wish to deploy. We detect the technology that is used in this project and copy a deployment repository to your account. You can provide a name for this repository in the second field. Note that deploy only the current version of the default branch of the source repository.

3rd deployment source

Based on the script language, the template and the build automation utility of your selected repository, we will set up a GitHub Actions workflow. In case we are not sure about the detection of your configuration, we ask you to explicitly confirm it.

Confirm build configuration


Your project will be set up and added to your dashboard. Depending on the project size, this might take a couple of seconds. Any time you commit a change to your project, your deployment should rebuild automatically.

Deploying a feature branch

Deploying a feature branch

Click on a project tile in the dashboard to navigate to its detail page. Depending on the project package size, you can set up to 5 feature branches as staging deployments. To do so, simply select one of the feature branches and save settings. Your staging deployment will automatically receive a preview URL.