Deploy Now is a hosting platform built from developers for developers. Connect your GitHub account with Deploy Now and get your web project live in seconds. Deploy Now updates your website on IONOS shared hosting infrastructure after every git commit. The workflow automation is based on Automation is based on GitHub Actions.

Deploy Now in a nutshell

Smart framework setup HTTP/2 DDos Protection
Automated deployments Apache Geo redundancy
Staging deployments SSL/TLS by default Climate-neutral hosting
Custom domains Wide variety of PHP versions IPv6

Supported technologies

Plain HTML and PHP websites

Deploy Now allows you to host static websites based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Your projects are served via Apache webserver. All files in your dist folder are transfered to IONOS just with git push. On top Deploy Now supports PHP. A dedicated support for PHP frameworks like Laraval and Symfony will be available in an alpha version soon.

Static Site Generators

If you are working with static site generators, Deploy Now allows you to move static files to our infrastructure after every build based on the GitHub Actions pipeline. If you setup the build pipeline manually, all existing static site generators can be used. Deploy Now offers out of the box support for Gridsome, Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, Eleventy, Hexo and Metalsmith.

Single Page Applications

You can deploy Single Page Applications based on frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, Svelte or Ionic.

Not supported

Our hosting infastructure uses Apache webservers only. Thus, server-side rendering with Node.js is not supported. Besides, Deploy Now does not support databases. If you are missing one of these or any other technology, you can let us know by requesting a feature via the product dashboard.

Getting started

You can start either from sample, from command line or from an existing repository.