Deploy Now is a hosting platform built for developers. Connect your GitHub account and instantly deploy your web projects to DDoS-protected, georedundant and green infrastructure.

Getting started

  1. Connect your GitHub account. We'll need your permission to install the IONOS Deploy Now App to your repositories.
  2. Select your deployment source. We can deploy either repositories within your GitHub account or a public, third party repository. No repository at hand? Deploy one of our samples. Screenshot from source selection step
  3. Configure the deployment. Deploy Now scans your repository to detect the framework and the dist folder. If we can't identify them automatically, you'll get a request to provide them manually. Screenshot from configuration screen
  4. Your project gets built. After a couple of seconds, your website will go live on a preview URL. Screenshot from project details
  5. Git commits code changes and Deploy Now updates your site. You can now open staging deployments or connect a custom domain.

Supported frameworks and technologies

HTML, CSS & PHP Sites and Apps

Deploy Now allows you to host static websites based on HTML and CSS. In addition, you can run PHP scripts on our infrastructure. Deploy Now projects are served from Apache webservers.

Static Site Generators

If you are working with static site generators, Deploy Now allows you to move static files to our infrastructure after every build based on the GitHub Actions pipeline. If you setup the build pipeline manually, all existing static site generatos can be used. Out of the box, Deploy Now supports the following static site generators:

Single Page Applications

You can deploy Single Page Applications based on frameworks like React, Vue and Angular.

Not supported

Our hosting infastructure uses Apache webservers only. Thus, server-side rendering with Node.js is not supported. Besides, Deploy Now does not support databases. If you are missing one of these or any other technology, you can let us know by requesting a feature via the product dashboard.