Deploy Now is a hosting platform that allows you to deploy static sites and PHP apps directly via GitHub. As a tool built from developers for developers, Deploy Now automates build and deployment so you can focus entirely on your code. Your code is deployed to IONOS reliable shared hosting infrastructure in Europe and North America. The workflow automation is based on GitHub Actions and can be customized directly in your repository.

How to deploy a static site

How to deploy a PHP app

How Deploy Now works

Deploy Now abstracts from the complexity of infrastructure provisioning, CI/CD configuration and TLS/domain handling. Connect your repository to Deploy Now and set up a GitHub Actions build and deploy workflow in a step-by-step guide. The workflow, cronjobs, file persistency, automated runtime commands, .env and .htaccess can be managed directly and version-controlled in the repository files. Sensitive data such as database or email credentials can be stored in GitHub secrets and referenced in runtime configuration files. Deploy Now injects their values during the deployment process. Databases can be managed via phpMyAdmin. Use Staging Deployments to deploy feature branches and Multi Deployments to deploy from one repository to multiple runtimes.

Deploy Now in a nutshell

Smart framework setups HTTP/2 DDos Protection
Automated deployments Apache Geo redundancy
Staging deployments SSL/TLS by default Climate-neutral hosting
Multi deployments Wide variety of PHP versions IPv6
Custom domains Cron jobs
Visitor statistics MariaDB

Deploy Now project types

Feature Starter Project Static Project PHP Project
Project Type Starter Project Static Project PHP Project
Use Cases Static Site Generators & Single Page Applications Static Site Generators & Single Page Applications PHP Applications
Storage per Deployment 50 MB 1 GB 10 GB
Staging Deployments 1 5 5
PHP runtime environment - - PHP 8.3 and older
Database - - 2 GB MariaDB with PHPMyAdmin Access
Included in Deploy Now Membership additionally bookable additionally bookable
Price 3 projects for 4€/$/£ per month 2€/$/£ per month per project - monthly cancellable 7€/$/£ per month per project - monthly cancellable

Each project type is deployed to IONOS infrastructure and comes with geo-redundancy, DDoS protection and visitor statistics.

Getting started

You can start either from sample, from command line or from an existing repository.

Need help?

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