Deploy Now uses two different YAML files to store information that is needed for the build and deploy process.

Explicit build configuration

An .ionos.yaml can be stored in the repository root to make the framework configuration, like the dist folder or the build command, explicit. If a working .ionos.yaml is located in the root, the framework detection is automatically skipped. This can be especially helpful to make more complex configurations run smoothly or to avoid accidental misconfigurations when you wish your repository to be forked by others.

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GitHub Actions configuration

Deploy Now connects GitHub repositories to IONOS infrastructure using Github Actions for the workflow automation. During the project setup Deploy Now scans your repository for the technologies and frameworks you use and stores this information in an ionos-space.yml. This file is located in .github/workflows. You can edit this file to customize your workflow.

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Deployment setup overview

UserDeploy NowRepositoryGitHubGitHub Actionnew project1Select repository2use .ionos.yml if available3suggest config4follow UI wizard5alt[lookup .ionos.yml][detect framework][ask user]Acknowledge config6optCreate .github/workflows/deploy-now.yml workflow7Clone repository8Add workflow9Initial run10UserDeploy NowRepositoryGitHubGitHub Action