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Update: Deploy Now triggers new builds without empty commits

What will change?

We released a new feature that makes the empty commits for re-triggering a build obsolete. Re-triggering a build is necessary for connecting a custom domain or changing the production branch. Deploy Now will now use the workflow_dispatch event to re-trigger a build but therefore the Deploy Now Github App requires additional permissions. Github should have sent an email regarding this.

What you need to do

To get this working you have to upgrade your Github workflow by following these steps:

  1. Check that the workflow configuration file has already the correct name .github/workflows/deploy-now.yaml. If your repository contains a file named .github/workflows/ionos-space.yml please rename it to .github/workflows/deploy-now.yaml.
  2. Adapt the content of the workflow configuration to allow the triggering of builds by the workflow_dispatch event. If you haven't touched this file there should be a line that looks like this:

    on: [push]

    Just replace this as follows:

      - push
      - workflow_dispatch